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Solutions by Product Type

Air Scrubber /Odor Control


Collection Systems - wastewater

CS3 HDPE Pump Stations & Manholes



SS Flanged Pipe & Fittings

Pipe Supports, Bollards

Adapter Couplings, Spline Shafts, Key ways cut

Extension Stems, T-Handle Valve Keys, Lever Operators, More


Layne Water (Ion Exchange, membranes)

Pipe & Accessories

Stainless & Carbon Steel 

Uponor Infra - HDPE Deep bury

General Rubber - Expansion Joints, more

Flange Adapters, Wide Range Couplings, Redi-Flanges

​Pump Stations

CS3 HDPE Pump Stations


CleanTek Water

Headworks screening


Heat Exchangers


​​​Valves / Actuation

Golden-Anderson (GA)​​ (flow control valves, pressure regulating, air valves, cone valves, specialty).

J&S Valve (gate valves, ball valves).

US Valve (wafer/flange check valves).

​Troy Valve (mud valves, flap valves, wall valves).

Orbinox ( stainless steel sluice gates, slide gates).

United Water Products (ULFM Valves & Products, Flange Fittings & Adapters)

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